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We love doing weekend trips. We do it all the time, because we can. And now because of the TAITAM Boomerang, our sons and their families join us every other month. It’s Great!



We always did Mexico and Bahamas before TAITAM. Just did our first Hawaii Vacation and it was incredible. Our Villa was out of this world. The kids loved it and we’re going back next year – after we try out an Arctic Cruise. Our concierge contact was amazing as well.

Bryan W.


The Concierge team helped me to get my first Vacation booked. We just couldn’t figure out where to go. It was a great first crack at the can. Now we’re good to go. We do it ourselves now. But can’t forget that first time.

Carol T.


Lovely Beach-side villa. It was like a postcard come to life! The rooms were huge, the weather was perfect, and views of the ocean from everywhere. All the activities booked were enjoyable and unforgettable. Simply amazing! Our Concierge Lisa helped us a lot.

Mike N.


Took our friends with us. Turned into a reunion of sorts, because we hadn’t seen each other in a while. We didn’t want to do a regular hotel so we tried a Vacation home. Wow, is all we can say. Of course they did the boomerang after the trip. This just makes sense.

Walter F.


Thanks for helping us offload our Timeshare. We loved it, but wanted more and weren’t quite sure how to. You guys did the impossible. And we’ve done two small getaways since we got the membership. Nothing to big, but what we love is the flexibility. Great!

Nancy V.


Grandkids, Grandkids, Grandkids. We have the time to do things with the family now. But we became the best grandparents on the planet. Maybe. Our son, our daughter have helped us get Reward Credits, Reward Credits, Reward Credits. That’s a hidden gem in this thing.

Martha K.


It meant a lot to give my sister a Honeymoon as a gift. That was worth our membership. Thanks, TAITAM. Thank you.

Nora M.


We got it to get away to relax. When you own your own business, you just never get to take a break, because you can’t afford it. We got it for the occasional weekends or days where things are light. Three days here or two days there. It works well for us. Planning a real vacation for next year – 2021.

Amanda L.


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