How Your Membership Works

It’s Your Membership.


When you become a TAITAM Membership Owner, you receive exclusive membership-only vacation pricing as well as Travel Reward points when you book your accommodations and cruises.

These are additional Reward “currency” to be used to deepen the reach of already deeply discounted vacation plans even further for you and your loved ones.


More Reward Credits as You Travel

Travel Reward Credits deliver exceptional flexibility and choice so you can relax, explore and discover the ideal vacation lifestyle forever.

Accumulate and Save for added Flexibility

Time for an out-of-the-ordinary Vacation? You can accumulate Reward Credits as you vacation, for use in the future if you don't need them today.

Give Vacations and Get Even More

Gift the vacation lifestyle by adding family and/or friends to your membership, and you will earn even more valuable Reward Credits when they travel.

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