How Platform Access Works

Keys Please

Here are the Keys to Your Suite.


When you become an owner of TAITAM Platform Access, you receive exclusive, secured, private travel and vacation pricing as well as valuable Reward Credits when you create your future vacation experiences.

These Reward Credits are essentially an alternate or additional “currency” which can be used to positively and significantly impact how far your dollars go to making the perfect vacation even better for you and your loved ones.

Vacation Reward Credits

More Reward Credits,
the More You Travel

Reward Credits deliver astonishing enhanced value, flexibility and choice so you can relax, explore and enjoy the vacation lifestyle forever.

Take A Cruise and Earn Free
Vacations Every Time

Taking Cruises via the platform is literally the fastest way to Accumulate Reward Credits at the fastest rate. It’s our best-kept open-secret.

Give Away Vacations and Get
More For Yourself

Gift the vacation lifestyle by sharing your access family with friends and family, and you will earn even more valuable Reward Credits when they travel and save.