Rediscover the Joy of Making Memories


Moments are precious. We plan for them. We capture them. We savor them for a lifetime. We’ve rediscovered a lot about what matters most. Time. And those we love.

That’s why at TAITAM , we provide a Private Vacation Membership designed for families who prioritize Reconnection, Rediscovery and Rejuvenation. We help our members make great escapes from routine, on their terms, to a place of their choosing, with all desired amenities, exclusive pricing, personalized service and a blank canvas on which to create precious moments, and enduring memories.

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Rediscover the Vacation Lifestyle.

Enjoy Travel, Convenience, Choice & Affordability. Engage your Wanderlust, with Exclusive Travel Platform Access, that delivers the Vacation Lifestyle.


Happier, Healthier with Vacations!

TAITAM is all about helping you to embrace the Vacation Lifestyle. Access to our Travel Platform simplifies all your future getaways, so you can Vacation a Whole Lot More!


Where do You Want to Vacation Next!

Now it’s totally up to you! Where, when and how long you want to vacation just got easier. With your License to the TAITAM Travel Platform the choice is Yours. Plan, Search, Save, then Go!


Wealthier & Wiser with more Travel!

Check off your entire bucket list, then start a brand new one. With TAITAM access, the savings never end, but the real treasure is the laughter, memories and experiences you create.

Rediscover Cruises

The Wonder of the Sea

Our Travel Platform provides you access to the widest selection of Cruiselines delivering once-in-a-lifetime Ocean and River experiences. Embrace the change of scenery with spectacular sunrises and unforgettable sunsets. As you view the many available destinations you will be able to curate your dream vacation directly with the award-winning cruiselines.

Rediscover Flying

Fast & Convenient. Above the Clouds

Being a part of TAITAM brings to you all you the benefits of our All-Access Travel Distribution portal that directly connects you to the airlines. You enter the necessary details and securely select the airline of your choosing through our alliance with experienced IATA and TICO licensed partners.

Rediscover R & R

Your Home Away from Home

The TAITAM Vacation Platform shines exceptionally when it comes to plugging our members in to hotels, vacation condos upscale luxury vacation accommodations for the discerning vacationer. Direct access to the worldwide assortment of trusted hotel brands plus exclusive member benefits makes planning your next getaway enjoyable and simple.

Rediscover 3 & 4Day Getaways

Your Home Away from Home

It’s amazing what owners of TAITAM access begin to do when they realize what they have in their hands with their TAITAM Platform License. More and more TAITAM Members are converting weekends into moments of strategic getaways with their spouses and children as we look ahead to the easing of Covid restrictions, desiring to intelligently break the stay-at-home routines within a few hours from home.

Valuable Reward Credits Whenever You Travel

Your Home Away from Home

Not only does TAITAM deliver access to broadest selection of vacation must-haves, and exclusive member pricing on all aspects of travel, but there is more. You will accumulate valuable travel incentives that contribute to enhancing future escapes in unbelievable ways.

The TAITAM Traveller

Travel Tips

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Great Destinations

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There are only two weeks left to enter our huge contest! Taitam Technology Vacations’ Great Canadian Staycation Giveaway is offering you an incredible opportunity to win a 4-day/3-night stay in beautiful Banff, Alberta! The prize includes air fare for two. That’s a $1,700 value! Don’t delay another second. Enter The Great Canadian Staycation Giveaway HERE! […]

Great Destinations

3 Reasons Banff, Alberta Is A Must-Visit Destination

Banff, Alberta is as majestic a location on Earth as you’ll ever find. It is a gorgeous town that is equally awe-inspiring during the spring and summer as it is in the fall and winter. If you’ve never been to Banff, place the city on your bucket list of places to visit. First and foremost, […]

Delivering the Vacation Lifestyle

You are always in control with every aspect of your vacation with access to all the most trusted names in travel and vacations. From Hotels, Resorts and Luxury Vacation Homes to Car Rentals, from Exotic Tours and Experiences to Cruises down historic European rivers, the TAITAM platform provides the ultimate planning tool that allows you to brainstorm, take notes and put together every detail of every getaway from start to finish.

Why A Travel & Vacation Membership is Worth it

We all love travel and vacations, but so often our lives simply don’t allow us getaway time. At TAITAM, it’s our mission to help you prioritize one of our most basic pleasures: creatin memories with those we love while exploring this grand ole earth. A TAITAM membership subscription is your All-Access-Pass to travel better and experience more vacations. Your TAITAM membership gateway grants access to the full vacation lifestyle portfolio of travel experiences, as well as a dedicated VIP member support concierge team.


TAITAM Technology Vacations Privileges & Rewards

This is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation to buy to residents in states/provinces and or jurisdictions in which registration requirements have not been fulfilled. Void where prohibited by law.

1 Membership in TAITAM Technology Vacations Program provides private access to an exclusive platform which directly connects members to a vast array of providers of Travel and Vacation Services.

2 Access to TAITAM Technology Vacations Platform™ is provided via membership in TAITAM Technology Vacations Program and is subject to the TAITAM Technology Vacations Program Terms & Conditions and the terms and conditions as outlined in the applicable TAITAM Technology Vacations Program documents. Actual participating resorts and hotels are subject to change. The TAITAM Technology Vacations Program may be discontinued at any time.

3 Resorts listed in the TAITAM Technology Vacations Program platform dashboard are independently owned and operated and are not directly linked to or in partnership with TAITAM Technology Vacations; please see the applicable TAITAM Technology Vacations Program documents for more information.

4 Access to the Titanium VIP Luxury Vacation Homes is made available through the TAITAM Technology Vacations exclusive distribution program and is subject to the terms and conditions as outlined in the TAITAM Technology Vacations Program.

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