Membership Benefits!

TAITAM Privileges & Rewards

There’s More to TAITAM than just Getting Away. Enjoy ALL the benefits of Membership in one of the most exclusive Travel Clubs in North America

Exclusive Member-only Pricing for Hotel Accommodations Worldwide

Taitam brings you access to all the best-known hotel brands around the world, and then some. The rates provided to our members are the best in the business. That’s why Taitam members, travel so much.

Earn & Accumulate REWARD CREDITS

With multiple ways to amass large volumes of reward credits, you can vacation your way to great travel experiences on land, sea, and air and everything in between. Best of all, with reward credits you’ll be able to even further, lower the cost of your vacations.

Travel ANYTIME during the year from January to December (no blackout times)

With Taitam you have maximum flexibility. There are no restrictions on your travel time. With Taitam, pick your destination, schedule your arrival and departure dates,  select your accommodations… and go.

Last minute, spur of the moment, short-notice getaway? No Problemo!

There are times when you need to get away at short notice. Sometimes its a spur of the moment need to refresh and relax. Sometimes its an urgent situation involving a loved one, relative or family member.

Unlimited access to Rental Vehicles

When the experience of a lifetime involves the open road, or waterways your Taitam membership paves the way to that as well. Sometimes the vacation isn’t the destination only. Sometimes how you get there is more than half the enjoyment.

Access to the Disney Collection

Exclusive member-only access to the world of Disney for you and your family. Luxury vacation homes, to the Disney Cruise line, to planning where to go and what to do at the Magical Kingdom. Take your family for the first time, and then experience Disney again and again creating lasting memories.

Off the Beaten Path, Vacation Homes & Villas

If you want something a bit different. More intimate perhaps. Or simply off the beaten path. Taitam affords you the opportunity to create a tailored vacation where you’re not at a 5 star hotel, but a five star home or villa. A home away from home… Literally.

Sought-after, exclusive Member-only Vacation Packages

There will always be deals on top of deals. Return to your membership dashboard often to look out for special season deals that augment your travel experiences, destinations and of course price drops and other specials.

The TAITAM 110% Guarantee. We’ll beat every other price

We guarantee you the lowest prices at the time of your booking or we’ll beat the lowest price you can find. There’s no better way to Vacation than with Taitam.

Giveaway Travel and Vacations to someone you care about

Share what you have with your Taitam Technology Vacations membership and you’ll create even more vacation savings for you and your family.

Travel Better &

Experience More

Isn’t it time you enjoy the entire every part of Travel & Vacations, from thinking about where to go to planning every detail of your trip. At TAITAM we are constantly looking for more ways to add value and making yours the best travel and vacation experience imaginable. We’re ready to welcome you. The Vacation Lifestyle awaits.