Why Travelling With Friends Often Makes For The Best Trips

Most Canadians are cooped up in their houses, at the moment. The current COVID-19 crisis has brought life to a standstill for nearly everyone. While it’s unquestionable that our health and safety is and always will be a number one priority, it’s unfortunate that there is likely to be several months until we can begin to resume normal life again. That, of course, includes the ability to plan a vacation.

In the meantime, we can all consider the types of vacations we’d like to take when the time is right. And, the way we see it, there are few things more fun and exciting than taking a vacation with friends. They often make for the best trips!

It allows for strong bond-forming experiences.

Anyone who has ever taken a vacation with a friend can attest to the fact that their friendship is exponentially stronger when they return home. Vacations often provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences that, when shared with others, create bonds virtually unbreakable bonds. In addition, as Berty and Emily Mandagie express on their website, TheMandagies.com, at the end of a trip, friends usually see their companions in all their forms.

That includes “waking up in the morning, grumpy and tired in the evening, and exhausted from long plane transfers,” the couple explains, “But, you will also get to see them at their very best! The opportunity to see them in so many different scenarios is rare when you’re at home. When you travel together, you can begin to know a truer form of your friends!”

Friends can help navigate through unfamiliar surroundings.

Being in unfamiliar situations can be a bit worrisome when you don’t have a friend sharing the experiences with you. Even something as simple as being unable to find your way from your suite to a resort’s buffet can be made into a fun venture, as long as you have a loved one along for the ride. As Paul Manser of G Adventures notes, practical friends are some of the best friends you can go travelling with.

“From being able to help navigate complex underground train networks, to checking if your hire-car isn’t starting because it was cursed by the cashier you accidently short-changed at the supermarket, or if it is just out of petrol — friends who are good at getting things done can help take the stress out of travelling,” he writes.

It’s cheaper!

Perhaps, this point should have been listed first! We’ve all heard the term “group rates”. Although there are many reasons to travel with friends, enjoying discount prices is a pretty big one. As the Mandagies point out, when you travel with friends, the entire adventure is more affordable!

“For example: squeezing 5 into a hotel room splits the accommodations five ways,” they remind us, “You can also cut down on transportation, food, and other costs.”

Surely, there will come a time again when planning a vacation will top your to-do list. When the time comes, please know that Taitam Technology Vacations will be here to help you book your trip. A Taitam vacation membership gives you access to some of the most incredible vacation programs available. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our Vacation Advisors by calling 416-234-0202 so you can learn all about our Taitam Membership Plan.

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