Why The Wonderful Island Of Jamaica Is A Must-Go Destination

We’re willing to bet you need little to no convincing that the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica is a must-go destination. Chances are you’ve visited the warm and sunny nation at least once. If not, you undoubtedly know many people who have. Jamaica is widely known as a top tourist destination. Between its incredible all-year summer-like weather, amazing beaches and delicious eats, how could you not want to vacation in the birthplace of Bob Marley?

The world-renowned reggae superstar is synonymous with Jamaica. On his mega-hit “One Love”, Marley croons “let’s get together and feel alright”. That pretty much sums up what a trip to Jamaica is like! But, in case you need more incentives to plan a trip, please consider the following.

The abundance of breathtaking beaches.

There is arguably no better place on Earth to enjoy a beach day than in Jamaica. Believe it or not, no matter where you visit on the island, you’re bound to find an incredible beach complete with immaculate sand and glorious turquoise waters. Negril, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio, Montego Bay and Runaway Bay are all known for their great beaches.

“As an island surrounded by the Caribbean sea, Jamaica offers a vast expanse of spectacular white sand beaches,” writes Sheri-kae Mcleod on TheCultureTrip.com, “The island features some of the most impressive beaches in the Caribbean with crystal blue waters and beautiful scenery and sunsets. Most beaches are nestled in lush gardens and forests or coupled between mountains, making them the perfect place to relax.”

The unbelievably delicious food.

Rich with savoury and spicy flavours, Jamaican food is a popular choice no matter where you go. However, it should go without saying that the genuine article is unmatched. In Jamaica, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy such native dishes as ackee and saltfish, curry chicken, oxtail, rice and peas, escoveitched fish, festival and the ever-popular jerk chicken. Our mouths are watering just thinking about all of this deliciousness!  

“A well-known specialty here is jerk chicken, which is cooked over charcoal and seasoned with spices to produce a smoky flavour,” details Talia Avakian on BusinessInsider.com, “A favourite spot for enjoying it is Scotchies in Montego Bay, where juicy pork and chicken are grilled and served with a fiery hot sauce.”

The marvellous live music.

We didn’t mention Bob Marley for nothing. Jamaica is heralded for its intoxicating reggae music as much as its warm weather, beaches and incredible eats. Between old school roots reggae, dub, ragga and dancehall, you’ll have a wide selection of pulsating beats and rhythms to enjoy live. As Mcleod mentioned, you can usually find a street dance happening in Jamaica on any day of the week.

“The street dances, an important part of dancehall culture, involve the setting up of sound systems in small communities,” she informs, “A local D.J. plays the music while locals and tourists dress up and come out to dance, enjoy the music, and mingle. If you’re not into dancehall, there are major live reggae shows that happen during the year. Rebel Salute, Reggae Sumfest, and other local shows are all organized for Reggae lovers.”

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