Why It’s Time To Discover Canada’s Wonderful West Coast

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to thwart the plans of international vacation lovers, many have chosen alternative ways to see other parts the world. As we’ve noted in some of our recent blogs, travelling restrictions have recently been softened to allow Canadians to travel within their own country. And what a beautiful country it is!

Because international travel isn’t available, at the moment, it’s arguably the perfect time to take a trip within Canada. In our last blog, we explained why you should discover Eastern Canada. As we highlighted, the provinces of Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have much to offer their visitors. In this blog, we’ll take a look at why it’s time to discover Canada’s wonderful west coast.

The Canadian Rockies.

The province of British Columbia is home to one of the most breathtaking sights on Earth. The Canadian Rockies are legendary. This mountain range includes some of the biggest mountains in the world. The Rockies are a must-see and must-discover part of Canada’s west coast. As Cody Hammer notes on ExploratoryGlory.com, they are ideal for hiking.

The Rockies encompass “194,000 km2 (75,000 sq mi) of pristine wilderness and then there is the even more impressive Coast Mountains, which is around 336,962 km2 (130,102 sq mi) and stretches along the coast of British Columbia,” he explains, “B.C. has some of the world’s most remote backcountry with a fair amount of that being accessible by rugged dirt roads created by the logging industry.”

Squamish adventures.

Located between Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia, the town of Squamish is surrounded by such mountains as the Stawamus Chief. It’s a visually amazing city that offers visitors a wide array of activities to keep them busy. According to Hayley Simpson on TheCultureTrip.com, Squamish is self-named “Canada’s adventure capital”.

“In Squamish, visitors can go on the Sea-to-Sky Gondola, rock climb, kiteboard, mountain bike, cross country ski, and hike the Stawamus Chief,” she writes, “There’s also the Britannia Mine Museum, which is great for families. Squamish is a great day trip option from Vancouver.”

The mild winters.

If you’re not quite ready to visit Canada’s west coast this summer, you may want to wait until winter. Doing so will help you to avoid extreme cold. Compared to the rest of our nation, B.C. has pretty mild weather during the winter.

“I remember going outside in a t-shirt in the middle of December,” mentioned one of our members in a recent conversation, “I’m not saying it’s something you can always do when you’re in B.C. But I do know that I could never do that anywhere else I’ve been in Canada!”

“Southern British Columbia has the most mild winters in Canada,” affirms Simpson, “Although it can snow in Vancouver and Victoria during winter, both cities can go years without turning into a white winter wonderland. So if a winter vacation in Canada with above-freezing temperatures interests you, choose British Columbia (but check the forecast first, as Mother Nature is unpredictable).”

Would you like to travel to Canada’s wonderful west coast this summer?

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