Where Are The Best Places To Travel With A Group Of Friends?

Is there anything more fun and exciting than taking a vacation with a group of your closest friends? Countless fond memories can be made when you and your pals take off for an adventure in a never-experienced-before location. Yes, the traditional all-inclusive trips to Cuba and the Dominican Republic can be very enjoyable. But isn’t it time you and your tightest allies tried something new?

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

This beautiful Central American nation is an excellent destination for large groups who love spending time outdoors. Manuel Antonio just so happens to be a location known for its awe-inspiring national park of the same name. As Lara Grant explains on Oyster.com, the easy-to-access park is home to ample wildlife like howler monkeys and beautiful beaches suitable for snorkelling.

“Hotel options like Tulemar Resort offer gorgeous kitchen-equipped villas with spacious living rooms and outdoor terraces, making group dinners a breeze,” she informs, “The plethora of pastimes available — horseback riding, zip-lining, scuba diving, and hiking — means travelers can choose between a wide variety of activities, and break up into smaller groups depending on how they want to spend their days.”

Cartagena, Columbia.

Do away with the movie and television-induced stereotypes of this wonderful South American nation. It is, in fact, a very peaceful country that offers a wide variety of incredible cultural experiences. Among such experiences are vibrant dining scenes, incomparable coffee and an amazing dance culture. And let’s not forget its gorgeous beaches!

“Head to Cartagena to visit the oldest port city in the Americas, which combines urban charm with a beachy vibe,” says Melissa Locker on TravelAndLeisure.com, “Check into one of the many luxury hotels opening in the area, tour the bohemian Getsemani neighbourhood, and explore Old City during your stay. Cartagena sits on the shores of the Caribbean and if you want a beach day, arrange for a boat to take you to Playa Blanca on the Isla de Barú for a day of sun and turquoise water.”

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

We know what you’re thinking. You and your group of friends consider a week of being beach bums a good time. Who can blame you? Especially given the fact that winter is making its presence known in Canada right now, it only makes sense to want nothing more than to enjoy sun, sand and margaritas. Cabo San Lucas is definitely a place that will satisfy those needs!

“Groups can choose their resort type — luxury, family-friendly, or party — to fit their style, and many area properties have stand-alone villas that can easily accommodate large parties,” writes Grant, “Additionally, all-inclusive hotels make costs and dining a breeze, as there won’t be fights about choosing where to eat or worrying about the price of every meal and drink.”

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