Where Are The Best Places To Go On A Cruise?

Cruises are often heralded as some of the most exhilarating travel experiences available. Not only do cruise ships offer an abundance of on-board entertainment value, the very act of travelling by water provides travellers with hard-to-believe sites and experiences. Our planet, after all, is comprised mostly of water. It only makes sense to utilize that water in order to see more of the world!

But where are the best places to go on a cruise?

The Caribbean.

We suppose it only makes sense to begin with the obvious. Many travellers automatically conjure up images of tropical islands when considering their vacation destinations. And who can blame them? Sunny beaches, amazing food and warm hospitality make a great combination. But where in the Caribbean is best to visit?

With so many amazing islands to choose from – Jamaica, Antigua, Barbados, Bahamas and Aruba quickly come to mind – it may be hard to choose just one! A Caribbean cruise will allow you to visit several in one trip.

“The most popular cruise destination in the world, the Caribbean sees cruise ships operating all year round in the region,” writes Prachi Joshi on MakeMyTrip.com, “A Caribbean cruise offers great value for money as you can visit multiple islands without having to worry about air tickets, visas, booking different hotels and paying through your nose for island transport.”


Norwegian cruises are highly heralded for their providing of incredible sights. Norway is known for its stunning coastline and world famous fjords. Fjords are long, narrow and deep inlets of the sea which are located between high cliffs. They are typically formed by the submergence of glaciated valleys. Many of the world’s biggest cruise ships dock at Norwegian ports.

“Norway’s coastal cities, thousands of miles of coastline and world-famous fjords lend themselves to cruising perhaps more than any other country,” explains David Nikel on LifeInNorway.net, “While a road trip can absolutely take you to some fantastic viewpoints, nothing beats seeing the fjords from the water. The towering mountains and 360-degree beauty mean you’ll get a great view wherever you are on the ship.”


If you’re currently experiencing the winter blues and want nothing to do with visiting a cold destination, you are likely to rob yourself of an incredible experience up north. As Joshi explains, Alaska is comprised of breathtaking scenery, wildlife and spectacular glaciers. He lists Alaska as one of the best places to go on a cruise.

“An Alaskan cruise is an introduction to the biggest state in the United States,” he informs, “It’s the most popular cruise destination in the world after the Caribbean. Cruises cover some spectacular fjords, glaciers and mountains along Alaska’s coastline, as well as many islands, bays and inlets. All cruises go along the so-called Inside Passage, which is a mind-boggling labyrinth of islands, fjords and mountains.”

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