What Is The Best Vacation You’ve Ever Taken?

We’d be willing to bet the title of this blog is a question that has been posed with a bit more frequency, as of late. After all, the only thing we’re able to do – as it relates to vacations – is discuss the ones we’ve already taken. Obviously, the coronavirus pandemic has grounded us all. So, until we’re able to take flight to another wonderful destination again – and that day will certainly come sooner than later – all we can do is talk about the fun times we once enjoyed.

The way we see it, discussing past vacations is a great way to overcome the dreariness that is often commonplace with self-isolation. And, make no mistake about it. The Taitam Technology Vacations team is eager to get back to work for our many members and send them on vacations of a lifetime. In the meantime, allow us to ask – what is the best vacation you’ve ever taken?

San Francisco, U.S.A.

According to Emily Hertler of Red Bank, New Jersey on RealSimple.com, San Francisco is an underrated vacation spot. She insists it has more physical beauty than nearly every other city she has visited. The hills, the ocean and the bay views all combine to create a stunning landscape. However, it’s not to be outdone by the architecture and the many fun events that you can participate in.

“In 2003 I was lucky enough to pay a visit during the annual Bay to Breakers race, a seven-plus-mile run,” Hertler recalls, “It’s a must-see: By tradition, the competitors don elaborate and hilarious costumes. I saw one participant dressed as a tiki bar, another as a Viking ship.”

Galicia, Spain.

Galicia is located directly north of Portugal in Spain. Because of its ocean surroundings, it is well known for its scenic beauty, beautiful beaches and scrumptious seafood dishes. This past February, one of our colleagues, Daniel regaled us with a story of his trip to the Spanish region in August of last year. As we revealed in one of our blogs, he couldn’t stop talking about the food!

“I kid you not, I gained about 20 pounds on my trip to Spain,” Daniel told us “I got stuffed on Pimentos Padrón (spicy peppers fried in garlic), paella (a popular rice dish usually filled with seafood), tortilla (Spanish omelette comprised of eggs and potatoes) and pulpo (octopus).”

Bali, Indonesia.

Bali is an Indonesian island that is well known for its amazing beaches, wondrous coral reefs, forested volcanic mountains and iconic rice paddies. Popular spots on the island include the beachside city of Kuta which is much loved for its lively bar scene. Seminyak, Sanur and Nusa Dua are also highly heralded for its resorts. On RealSimple.com, Nancy Schulz Preston of Wilmington, North Carolina reveals that Bali provided her with one of her most amazing trips.

“I was in my early 20s, and I had never traveled a great distance by myself before,” she recalls, “After a few days of exploring the island solo, I joined up with a tour group. On bicycles, we took in Bali’s astounding scenery and met its people. I came home with the knowledge that I could be independent and accomplish anything I wanted to.”

When the time is right, be sure to speak to one of our Vacation Advisors about acquiring a Taitam Membership Plan. We’re confident we will end up sending you on the best vacation you’ve ever taken! Please don’t hesitate to call Taitam Technology Vacations at 416-234-0202.

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