The Art Of Making Your Baggage Claim Experience So Much Easier

You’d be hard pressed to locate a vacationer who has taken a trip without any luggage. Packing a suitcase is a practical must-do for anyone getting ready to set sail or take flight. One’s luggage, however, can often present an irritation during a trip. The potential of lost baggage is one of the biggest fears travellers have. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. But even when luggage isn’t lost, it can still be hard to find at baggage claim.

How can you avoid the pet peeve of endlessly searching for your luggage when it rolls off the aircraft? Why not a try a few of these artistic methods?

Create a pattern using duct tape.

Many travellers have used the “tape strategy” to help them locate their luggage at baggage claim. However, this strategy often entails only one or two pieces of tape. Because so many travellers use this method, it has become somewhat ineffective. Instead of having a couple of pieces of tape strewn across the side or top of your suitcase, why not use several pieces to create a unique pattern that stands out?

“Using duct tape (or Duck Tape), you can design a pattern on the front and back of your suitcase,” agrees Omer Harari on, “Some ideas: your initials, writing your name on the tape, or print out a big portrait of your pet and tape it down. Though approximately two-thirds of American families own pets, a very select few will use them to identify their luggage.”

Turn your suitcase into a canvas.

Chances are that about 90 percent of the suitcases that rotate around your baggage claim will be made up of solid, boring colours. Naturally, this makes it hard to find your bag, especially when it’s made by a popular manufacturer that other travellers have supported. Here’s an idea: buy a plain-colour hard-shell suitcase (either black or white works best) and paint your own original picture. It will be next to impossible to not immediately spot it when it comes off the plane!

“Channel your inner artist and paint your black suitcase if it has a hard shell,” suggests Bethany Ramos on, “Best-case scenario: You’ll be pulled aside for compliments on your craftsmanship at airport security.”

Wrap your suitcase up in caution tape.

If creating your own tape-based design and painting a picture aren’t your speed, then perhaps you should rely on a very easy attention-grabbing method. While you may get some interesting looks, using bright, yellow caution tape to decorate your suitcase will most certainly do the trick in helping you to easily locate it.

“Wrap your suitcase in caution tape or bright plastic food wrap,” Harari recommends, “You might have seen some groups do this at the airport for a fee, but why pay someone else when you can do it on your own? These make a great, if humorous way, to stand out from the sea of dark blue, dark gray, or black suitcases.”

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