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12 May

What Is The Best Vacation You’ve Ever Taken?

We’d be willing to bet the title of this blog is a question that has been posed with a bit more frequency, as of late. After all, the only thing we’re able to do – as it relates to vacations – is discuss the ones we’ve already taken. Obviously, the coronavirus pandemic has grounded us […]

23 Jan

How To Make A Last-Minute Getaway Worth Your While

You might be under the impression that the vast majority of travellers plan their vacations well in advance. For the most part, that may be true. However, there are numerous vacationers who only realized they were taking trips a day or two before they happened. In fact, many people decide “that’s it, I’m going on […]

7 Jan

Why A Vacation Is The Perfect Cure For The Winter Blues

We’re now a week into the brand new decade! But don’t be surprised if you hear a few “Happy New Year” greetings continue to be doled out. Many people utter the wondrous welcome well into February. However, for many Canadians, 2020 hasn’t started out so wonderfully. Especially, here in the Greater Toronto Area, flu symptoms […]

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