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4 Aug

Why It’s Time To Discover Canada’s Wonderful West Coast

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to thwart the plans of international vacation lovers, many have chosen alternative ways to see other parts the world. As we’ve noted in some of our recent blogs, travelling restrictions have recently been softened to allow Canadians to travel within their own country. And what a beautiful country it is! […]

21 Jul

Might It Be Time To Discover Canada’s Wonderful Maritime Provinces?

For the past several months, Canadians have been grounded – literally. With the coronavirus pandemic raging on, international flights are still enduring an indefinite halt. There are, however, opportunities for Canadians to travel within this wonderful country of ours. So maybe this is the summer to discover more of your home and native land! Have […]

23 Jun

3 Surprisingly Awesome Canadian Cities To Visit During The Summer

The summer is finally here! The glorious warm and sunny season that most Canadians eagerly look forward to got underway this past weekend. For many, summer is synonymous with vacationing. But with the coronavirus pandemic not exactly over yet, many international travel plans have been cancelled. While this summer may be tough one for many […]

3 Mar

Where Are The Best Places To Visit In The Spring?

Now that March is here, many Canadians are excitedly looking forward to the impending start of spring. This year, winter officially comes to an end on Thursday, March 19th. That’s only a little over two weeks away! With the hope of warmer weather soon arriving, people all throughout Canada are eager to put away their […]

28 Feb

3 Top Reasons Why You Should Take A Trip To Spain

Last August, one of our close colleagues, Daniel fulfilled a bucket list ambition and finally visited the place of his father’s birth. To honour his Dad’s memory, he travelled with his mother and young daughter to La Coruña, España (Spain to us Canadians) which is located in the Iberian Peninsula directly north of Portugal. Part […]

24 Feb

Sniffing Out The Best Travel Destinations For Foodies

The reasons to pack up and head out on a vacation are endless. For many, it’s all about escaping the monotony of everyday life and soaking up the sun on a tropical beach. For so many others, it’s about taking in new and exciting experiences and learning about various cultures. And for a lot of […]

14 Feb

Why You Should Book A Vacation To Iceland In The Winter

We know what you’re thinking. One look at the title of this blog and you thought “Are you kidding me?” Most Canadians would love nothing more than to get out of the cold right now. But, believe it or not, Iceland is one of the most popular vacation destinations for people who are looking to […]

10 Feb

Discovering Fascinating Landmarks Through Movies For Kids

If you’re the parent or guardian of a small child, you’re likely well-versed in children’s entertainment. The adventures of such characters as Peppa Pig, Anna & Elsa and the Teen Titans are probably common knowledge, as far as you’re concerned. Perhaps, children’s entertainment has provided you with some knowledge you may not have expected to […]

6 Feb

Where Are The Best Places To Travel With A Group Of Friends?

Is there anything more fun and exciting than taking a vacation with a group of your closest friends? Countless fond memories can be made when you and your pals take off for an adventure in a never-experienced-before location. Yes, the traditional all-inclusive trips to Cuba and the Dominican Republic can be very enjoyable. But isn’t […]

4 Feb

3 Great Reasons To Vacation In Paris

Over the past month, The Taitam Traveller (which is the official name of this awesome blog of ours), has posted a number of blogs highlighting some of the top destinations in the world. Given the fact that one blog listed great destination wedding spots and another rattled off great places to take your special someone […]

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