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11 Mar

The Art Of Making Your Baggage Claim Experience So Much Easier

You’d be hard pressed to locate a vacationer who has taken a trip without any luggage. Packing a suitcase is a practical must-do for anyone getting ready to set sail or take flight. One’s luggage, however, can often present an irritation during a trip. The potential of lost baggage is one of the biggest fears […]

12 Feb

The Often-Neglected Art Of Packing Light

Movies and television have presented us with countless depictions of in-a-big-time-rush travellers snatching clothing out of their closets and dumping them haphazardly into their suitcases. No one packs like this. However, we’re not all doing great jobs at packing anyway. Even the most meticulous of vacationers find that their suitcases can’t quite fit everything they […]

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