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28 Feb

3 Top Reasons Why You Should Take A Trip To Spain

Last August, one of our close colleagues, Daniel fulfilled a bucket list ambition and finally visited the place of his father’s birth. To honour his Dad’s memory, he travelled with his mother and young daughter to La Coruña, España (Spain to us Canadians) which is located in the Iberian Peninsula directly north of Portugal. Part […]

20 Feb

Why The Wonderful Island Of Jamaica Is A Must-Go Destination

We’re willing to bet you need little to no convincing that the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica is a must-go destination. Chances are you’ve visited the warm and sunny nation at least once. If not, you undoubtedly know many people who have. Jamaica is widely known as a top tourist destination. Between its incredible all-year […]

4 Feb

3 Great Reasons To Vacation In Paris

Over the past month, The Taitam Traveller (which is the official name of this awesome blog of ours), has posted a number of blogs highlighting some of the top destinations in the world. Given the fact that one blog listed great destination wedding spots and another rattled off great places to take your special someone […]

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