Softer Restrictions Allowing Canadians To Fly Domestically

We never expected the travel industry to take such a devastating blow. But, thanks to the coronavirus, flights have been grounded for months. At Taitam Technology Vacations, we understand the absolute necessity of keeping people safe. Preventing the spread of COVID-19 requires us to self-isolate and practice social distancing. Naturally, that means taking flights is out.

Travel restrictions in Canada, however, have softened over the past week. No, you still cannot book a summer vacation to your favourite tropical island just yet. However, if you wish to travel within Canada, you may just get your chance. Air Canada has recently enabled customers to book flights between different destinations within the country.

Cancelled flights can be made up.

Reporting for CTV News, Melissa Lopez-Martinez reveals that the airline is allowing customers to make up for flights that were cancelled due to the pandemic. “Air Canada recently announced revisions to their goodwill policy that will allow customers of cancelled flights due to COVID-19 the option to receive either a travel voucher with no expiry date or bonus Aeroplan miles,” she writes.

Lopez-Martinez also notes that the airline has promised to reduce airfare for domestic flights. Air Canada has a new summer schedule that apparently includes both domestic and international flights. Many travellers, however, aren’t all that quick to book trips. Lopez-Martinez reveals that Air Canada is down 97 flights from the 220 it had this time last year.

For many, safety remains a top priority.

And who can blame them? We all want to travel. But is it safe to do so? In Lopez-Martinez’s article, she quotes McGill University business professor, Karl Moore. He points out that many airlines are trying to cater to the concerns of a post-pandemic customer base by introducing new cleaning measures and reconfigured seating. He notes, however, that these measures will be costly.

“When you take away the middle seat at best you can get the planes maybe 70 per cent full, but at 70 per cent the planes can’t make money and that’s not a viable business model for them,” Moore stated in an interview with CTV. Lopez-Martinez notes that COVID-19 continues to be a risk. As a result, travel insurance companies are not offering protection to Canadians who wish to travel abroad.

Are you looking to travel within Canada?

There are many reasons to travel within Canada. As we pointed out in a blog, back in March, there are beautiful landmarks worth visiting from coast to coast. But to reiterate, at Taitam Technology Vacations, we agree that safety must always be first. How can you be assured that if you travel within Canada, it will be a safe journey? Our team would like to help answer that question for you.

In addition to answering your questions about the safety of travelling within Canada, one of our Vacation Advisors can provide you with information about acquiring a Taitam Membership Plan. You may not wish to use it immediately, but we’d love to explain how it can help you have the best trips of your life, when you are ready to take them. Please don’t hesitate to call Taitam Technology Vacations at 416-234-0202 today!


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