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August 4

Why It’s Time To Discover Canada’s Wonderful West Coast

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to thwart the plans of international vacation lovers, many have chosen alternative ways to see other parts the world. As we’ve noted in some of our recent blogs, travelling restrictions have recently been softened to allow Canadians to travel within their own country. And what a beautiful country it is! […]

July 21

Might It Be Time To Discover Canada’s Wonderful Maritime Provinces?

For the past several months, Canadians have been grounded – literally. With the coronavirus pandemic raging on, international flights are still enduring an indefinite halt. There are, however, opportunities for Canadians to travel within this wonderful country of ours. So maybe this is the summer to discover more of your home and native land! Have […]

July 7

How To Enjoy A Sweet Summer Staycation

The Taitam Technology Vacations team is heartbroken that this summer won’t be filled with wondrous international vacations for our illustrious members. There’s nothing we’d love more than to send you all on the trips of your dreams! Alas, the coronavirus pandemic rages on. So, we’re all called upon to continue practicing measures to stop the […]

June 23

3 Surprisingly Awesome Canadian Cities To Visit During The Summer

The summer is finally here! The glorious warm and sunny season that most Canadians eagerly look forward to got underway this past weekend. For many, summer is synonymous with vacationing. But with the coronavirus pandemic not exactly over yet, many international travel plans have been cancelled. While this summer may be tough one for many […]

June 9

Playing It Safe While Travelling During The COVID-19 Crisis

We wish we could give you better news. However, it’s likely not news to you that the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t miraculously disappeared. As a result, the travel industry is still being hampered. We understand, of course. The health and safety of all people is a top priority right now. That’s why it’s imperative to play […]

May 26

Softer Restrictions Allowing Canadians To Fly Domestically

We never expected the travel industry to take such a devastating blow. But, thanks to the coronavirus, flights have been grounded for months. At Taitam Technology Vacations, we understand the absolute necessity of keeping people safe. Preventing the spread of COVID-19 requires us to self-isolate and practice social distancing. Naturally, that means taking flights is […]

May 12

What Is The Best Vacation You’ve Ever Taken?

We’d be willing to bet the title of this blog is a question that has been posed with a bit more frequency, as of late. After all, the only thing we’re able to do – as it relates to vacations – is discuss the ones we’ve already taken. Obviously, the coronavirus pandemic has grounded us […]

April 28

Where Do You Want To Visit Once The Pandemic Is Behind Us?

As members the travel industry, we’re doing our best to consider how to help everyone cope with their emotional well-beings during the coronavirus pandemic. We know that people miss travelling. And we certainly miss helping our members experience the greatest vacations of their lives. The day will come when taking trips will be the norm […]

April 14

Why Travelling With Friends Often Makes For The Best Trips

Most Canadians are cooped up in their houses, at the moment. The current COVID-19 crisis has brought life to a standstill for nearly everyone. While it’s unquestionable that our health and safety is and always will be a number one priority, it’s unfortunate that there is likely to be several months until we can begin […]

March 31

3 Tips For How To Plan A Successful Vacation When The Time Comes

If you’re like most Canadians right now, you’re likely yearning for the return of days when planning vacations is the norm. Naturally, with the coronavirus pandemic keeping people from travelling the world, the most we can do, at the moment, is reminisce about past trips and daydream about our future vacations. It’s not such a […]

March 27

Discovering The Right Way To Tell Your Vacation Story

At the present time, no one is booking a vacation. As we collectively work towards preventing any further spread of the coronavirus, it’s imperative that we practice social distancing and staying at home as much as possible. Our current situation calls upon us all to reminisce about happier times. For example, we’ve been talking a […]

March 25

Can You Imagine Going On Your Honeymoon…With Your In-Laws?

With the travel industry currently at a standstill, the Taitam Technology Vacations team is choosing to look at the brighter side of things. Needless to say, we join the world in battling the coronavirus pandemic and feel horribly for all those who have been directly affected. As well, we offer our sincere best wishes to […]

March 23

Have You Ever Been Whacked In The Head With A Coconut In Florida?

On behalf of the entire Taitam Technology Vacations team, we wish to express our best wishes to everyone. We’re all in this battle against the coronavirus together. And as we expressed in our last blog, we remain open for business in an effort to provide any necessary services that will assist our community during this […]

March 19

Staying Committed To Taitam Members During The Coronavirus Pandemic

You certainly haven’t needed our last two blogs to become fully aware that the coronavirus pandemic is headline news across the globe. All over the world, the COVID-19 crisis is taking a major toll. There are many countries, including such usually-glorious destinations as Italy and Spain, which are currently on lockdown. And with social distancing […]

March 17

How Your Travel Plans Are Being Impacted During The COVID-19 Crisis

Earlier today, Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford announced that the province is in a state of emergency. He has mandated that no public gatherings of more than 50 people take place. Needless to say, this will impact businesses of all kinds. Many restaurants are either closing their doors or offering take out options only. Movie theatres […]

March 13

Canadians Advised Not To Travel Abroad During Coronavirus Crisis

By this point, you need no introduction to the worldwide pandemic that is the coronavirus. We’re experiencing a time in our lives unlike anything we’ve seen before. The infection, also known as COVID-19, started in China but has spread throughout the world over the past couple of months. At present, the Public Health Agency of […]

March 11

The Art Of Making Your Baggage Claim Experience So Much Easier

You’d be hard pressed to locate a vacationer who has taken a trip without any luggage. Packing a suitcase is a practical must-do for anyone getting ready to set sail or take flight. One’s luggage, however, can often present an irritation during a trip. The potential of lost baggage is one of the biggest fears […]

March 9

3 Eh-Plus Reasons To Travel Within Canada

Not every soon-to-be vacationer is entirely fond of travelling to distant destinations. For many travellers, being around familiar surroundings is a lot more comfortable. But how can one travel and be around familiar surroundings at the same time? For Canadians, the answer is easy! As the second largest land mass on planet Earth, the country […]

March 5

3 Tips For Planning An Unforgettable Family Vacation

With the springtime about to begin, many Canadians are already starting to think about their summer plans. It’s not uncommon, of course, for family vacations to be planned for the summertime. With the kids out of school, it’s important to find fun things for them to do. And what’s more fun that taking a trip […]

March 3

Where Are The Best Places To Visit In The Spring?

Now that March is here, many Canadians are excitedly looking forward to the impending start of spring. This year, winter officially comes to an end on Thursday, March 19th. That’s only a little over two weeks away! With the hope of warmer weather soon arriving, people all throughout Canada are eager to put away their […]

February 28

3 Top Reasons Why You Should Take A Trip To Spain

Last August, one of our close colleagues, Daniel fulfilled a bucket list ambition and finally visited the place of his father’s birth. To honour his Dad’s memory, he travelled with his mother and young daughter to La Coruña, España (Spain to us Canadians) which is located in the Iberian Peninsula directly north of Portugal. Part […]

February 26

Making Sunscreen A Necessity On Every Vacation You Take

When packing your suitcase in preparation for an upcoming vacation, there are a number of items that can’t be forgotten. In our “The Often-Neglected Art Of Packing Light” blog from earlier this month, we highlighted a few of the obvious – clothing, shoes, toiletries and accessories were among them. However, there’s a particular travel necessity […]

February 24

Sniffing Out The Best Travel Destinations For Foodies

The reasons to pack up and head out on a vacation are endless. For many, it’s all about escaping the monotony of everyday life and soaking up the sun on a tropical beach. For so many others, it’s about taking in new and exciting experiences and learning about various cultures. And for a lot of […]

February 20

Why The Wonderful Island Of Jamaica Is A Must-Go Destination

We’re willing to bet you need little to no convincing that the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica is a must-go destination. Chances are you’ve visited the warm and sunny nation at least once. If not, you undoubtedly know many people who have. Jamaica is widely known as a top tourist destination. Between its incredible all-year […]

February 18

How To Keep Your Cash Safe While On Vacation

In today’s world, credit card and debit card use is a lot more prevalent than paying for purchases with cash. Nevertheless, many travellers insist on carrying cash along with them, figuring that they’re bound to need some during their trips. They’re not wrong. When on vacation, you’re bound to find shops that are cash-only. Not […]

February 14

Why You Should Book A Vacation To Iceland In The Winter

We know what you’re thinking. One look at the title of this blog and you thought “Are you kidding me?” Most Canadians would love nothing more than to get out of the cold right now. But, believe it or not, Iceland is one of the most popular vacation destinations for people who are looking to […]

February 12

The Often-Neglected Art Of Packing Light

Movies and television have presented us with countless depictions of in-a-big-time-rush travellers snatching clothing out of their closets and dumping them haphazardly into their suitcases. No one packs like this. However, we’re not all doing great jobs at packing anyway. Even the most meticulous of vacationers find that their suitcases can’t quite fit everything they […]

February 10

Discovering Fascinating Landmarks Through Movies For Kids

If you’re the parent or guardian of a small child, you’re likely well-versed in children’s entertainment. The adventures of such characters as Peppa Pig, Anna & Elsa and the Teen Titans are probably common knowledge, as far as you’re concerned. Perhaps, children’s entertainment has provided you with some knowledge you may not have expected to […]

February 6

Where Are The Best Places To Travel With A Group Of Friends?

Is there anything more fun and exciting than taking a vacation with a group of your closest friends? Countless fond memories can be made when you and your pals take off for an adventure in a never-experienced-before location. Yes, the traditional all-inclusive trips to Cuba and the Dominican Republic can be very enjoyable. But isn’t […]

February 4

3 Great Reasons To Vacation In Paris

Over the past month, The Taitam Traveller (which is the official name of this awesome blog of ours), has posted a number of blogs highlighting some of the top destinations in the world. Given the fact that one blog listed great destination wedding spots and another rattled off great places to take your special someone […]

January 31

Locating The Perfect Spot For Your Destination Wedding

If you’re planning a destination wedding, you’re undoubtedly conjuring up images of beautiful landscapes, sunny beaches or luxurious resorts. Perhaps, the ideal spot for your destination wedding incorporates all three. Naturally, there are many places in the world that would make great locations for your upcoming nuptials. But what spot would be the perfect one […]

January 29

3 Top Destinations For The Sports Fan In You

Sports fans make up some of the world’s most notorious travellers. Look no further than a televised away game of our beloved hometown NBA Champions. The Toronto Raptors are well known for their ravenous fan base that has members showing up in opponents’ arenas all over the United States. As a sports fan, you’re likely […]

January 27

Where Are The Best Places To Go On A Cruise?

Cruises are often heralded as some of the most exhilarating travel experiences available. Not only do cruise ships offer an abundance of on-board entertainment value, the very act of travelling by water provides travellers with hard-to-believe sites and experiences. Our planet, after all, is comprised mostly of water. It only makes sense to utilize that […]

January 23

How To Make A Last-Minute Getaway Worth Your While

You might be under the impression that the vast majority of travellers plan their vacations well in advance. For the most part, that may be true. However, there are numerous vacationers who only realized they were taking trips a day or two before they happened. In fact, many people decide “that’s it, I’m going on […]

January 21

What Safety Measures Should You Take While On Vacation?

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t get excited right before he/she is about to go on vacation. Naturally, trips away from home provide us all with fun times that are good combinations of thrilling adventures and restful moments. It’s important for us all to remember, however, that being away from home puts […]

January 17

Finding Awesome Spots To Take The Kids On Vacation This Summer

We know that the summertime seems like it is way too far off in the distance to even begin thinking about. However, the savviest of vacation planners come up with their trip ideas well in advance. This is especially true for parents. The summer can be a trying time. Once the kids are out of […]

January 15

Locating Unique Valentine’s Day Vacation Destinations

Here we are in the dead of winter. Weeks have passed since the holiday season concluded which has brought your seasonal excitement to an all-time low. After the new year has been counted down, the energy pretty much dwindles from there, doesn’t it? We all have to settle back into our standard go-to-work-every-day routines and […]

January 13

How To Become A Wise Winter Traveller

As we discussed just a couple of blogs ago, the winter blues is a very real thing. For many Canadians, the winter time is the ideal time to take a vacation. Swapping cold temperatures for much warmer ones is practically a Canadian pastime. But, even those who travel every winter aren’t experts on how to […]

January 9

3 Major Health Benefits Of Taking Vacations

For many Canadians, winter time and good health doesn’t mix. Coughing, sneezing and general states of not feeling very well are commonplace during the coldest months of the year. As a result, the winter is prime time for vacation-taking. In our last blog, we highlighted the fact that seasonal affective disorder is a very real […]

January 7

Why A Vacation Is The Perfect Cure For The Winter Blues

We’re now a week into the brand new decade! But don’t be surprised if you hear a few “Happy New Year” greetings continue to be doled out. Many people utter the wondrous welcome well into February. However, for many Canadians, 2020 hasn’t started out so wonderfully. Especially, here in the Greater Toronto Area, flu symptoms […]

August 17

Lifestyle Benefits

Not only does your membership offer you the ability to travel the world at the absolute best prices, it also provides savings for everyday use. In addition to the popular Gift Card and Shopping Rewards sections, you have access to hundreds of coupons for everyday shopping, dining, and recreational activities.

July 13

The Technology Behind The Travel

We have contracted with SOR Technology to bring you the technology that powers our customized travel savings program. SOR Technology is a leader in the travel industry and founded on the principle of providing discounted travel services combined with superior member support. They have built the technology that brings together a variety of travel products […]

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