Locating Unique Valentine’s Day Vacation Destinations

Here we are in the dead of winter. Weeks have passed since the holiday season concluded which has brought your seasonal excitement to an all-time low. After the new year has been counted down, the energy pretty much dwindles from there, doesn’t it? We all have to settle back into our standard go-to-work-every-day routines and life takes on a whole new ho-hum feel.

But, life isn’t all that drab, is it? Especially if you’re in love, you should have quite a lot to celebrate on a daily basis. As well, we’re just one month away from that ever-important celebration of romantic love. Valentine’s Day is on the way! And, for many couples, it’s the ideal reason to travel.

Are you thinking of taking your honey away on a romantic vacation? To truly embark on a special and unique Valentine’s Day experience, you may want to choose a location that you may not realize is quite well known for its “love is in the air” qualities.

Amsterdam, Netherlands.

If you’re raising an eyebrow at this suggestion, you’re not likely to be alone. Many people think of Amsterdam as a party town meant for singles who wish to live life to the fullest. And while the world famous city is known for its celebratory nature (the “red light district” comes to mind), it is also heralded for its beautiful historic buildings, canals, shops and restaurants that all make for amazingly romantic experiences.

“The Dutch capital is a wonderful destination to enjoy as a couple on Valentine’s Day,” insists Ferrer Hotels, “Stroll through the canals, celebrate a romantic dinner on board a cruise…and, above all, kiss on the Magere Bug Bridge, which they say guarantees eternal love.”

New Delhi, India.

According to Kanika Saxena on TravelTriangle.com, New Delhi is considered one of the best places to visit during Valentine’s Day. Evidently, there is a long list of romantic things for couples to experience in the capital of India.

“There are a lot of events organized and you may get the opportunity to listen to your favourite singer or even meet them,” she writes, “You can also visit India Gate in the evening and stroll around hand in hand. A candle-light dinner never goes out of the top romantic things you can do in the capital city.”

Granada, Spain.

Spain is a wonderful country with a very rich cultural history. We recently heard from a client who spent a portion of his summer in the northern part of Spain, in the province of Galicia. The ocean-side location boasts beautiful historic towns like La Coruña and Miño where “the sights are incredible, the water is beautiful and the seafood is absolutely unbeatable,” we’ve been told.

Ferrer Hotels agrees that Spain is a fantastic destination for travelling couples, and specifically recommends the city of Granada for Valentine’s Day celebrators. “The famous Andalusian charm is multiplied in the city of Granada, with its beautiful architecture and its corners full of secrets,” their site informs, “Get lost in the Alhambra, discover the Arab baths, relax in one of the tearooms on Elvira Street and enjoy a wonderful sunset from the Mirador de San Nicolás.”

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