How To Make A Last-Minute Getaway Worth Your While

You might be under the impression that the vast majority of travellers plan their vacations well in advance. For the most part, that may be true. However, there are numerous vacationers who only realized they were taking trips a day or two before they happened. In fact, many people decide “that’s it, I’m going on vacation” and hop on planes the same day!

Have you ever considered a last-minute getaway? Quite often, spur-of-the-moment trips can be equal parts incredibly exhilarating and somewhat unnerving. To help you with the “unnerving” part, consider a few important steps to making a last-minute getaway worth your while.

Consider options that allow you to stay with family.

In many cases, last-minute trips entail keeping within a budget. If you can remove the cost of accommodations, for example, an out-of-nowhere trip is a lot more feasible. Do you have an uncle who lives in Miami? Do you have cousins in England? If so, such destinations will make things a lot easier on your bank account.

“An easy way to save yourself money and effort is by travelling to a destination where family resides,” notes, “Not only will this remove the hassle of booking a hotel and planning excursions on your own, but you can catch up with family members and turn your last-minute trip into somewhat of a reunion. Just make sure that they have the time and space to accommodate you, of course.”

Plan to travel in the middle of the week.

Don’t wait until the end of your work week to take your just-decided-on-it vacation. The cost-effective approach to taking a last-minute getaway is doing so in the middle of the week. Even if come up with the idea of skipping town on the weekend, it’s best to hold out a few days so that you can get cheaper air fares. (Don’t worry about the idea of the trip not being a literal “last minute” decision.)

“Travelling on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday helps you save more since most people tend to book weekend departures,” informs Yuki Hayashi of Reader’s Digest Canada, “Even if you’re advance booking, flying mid-week can save you hundreds of dollars per ticket. (That’s why my family’s doing a Wednesday to Wednesday Caribbean getaway this summer!)”

Take advantage of combination deals.

“If you prefer to put all of your eggs in one basket, use a third-party website to bundle your flight, hotel and rental car,” recommends, “This can be an extremely convenient option for travellers who want to book last minute, as it takes the stress out of keeping track of itineraries and other vacation details and instead puts everything in one place. Most third-party options will offer value packages when you bundle, too.”

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