How To Keep Your Cash Safe While On Vacation

In today’s world, credit card and debit card use is a lot more prevalent than paying for purchases with cash. Nevertheless, many travellers insist on carrying cash along with them, figuring that they’re bound to need some during their trips. They’re not wrong. When on vacation, you’re bound to find shops that are cash-only. Not to mention, doling out tips to service workers can’t exactly be achieved by swiping a card.

Therefore, you have a very important task while taking your trip. Keeping your cash safe should be a top priority. So what are the best ways to do that?

Don’t keep your cash all in one place.

Most travel experts agree that the number one rule to carrying cash on vacation is to divvy it all up. Don’t keep it all in your wallet. You’ll need some in your suitcase, some tucked away in your shoes, some in your handbags – you get the picture. As Christine Sarkis warns on, having all your money in one place heightens the risk of having a singular incident of theft totally wiping you out.

“When possible, leave all the cards and cash you won’t need immediately in a secure location in your hotel or vacation rental,” advises Sarkis, “And when you’re out and about, keep some of your money attached to your person…and some in a bag you carry. If you’re smart about how you distribute your funds, you’ll still have enough money to get to a police station or back to your hotel in the event your bag gets lost or snatched.”

Distribute your cash on your person.

Naturally, you’ll have to walk with some cash while you’re on excursions, hitting up restaurants and even relaxing on the beach. The same rule applies here. Don’t keep your cash all in one place. Travel insurance agent, Damian of Travel Insurance Review warns that thieves are hip to the ways money belts work and have learned how to slice them off of travellers. Instead of opting for money belts that hide around your waist, neck or legs, Damian suggests folding up cash and stashing it in your socks or shoes among other places.

“Many pants and jackets now come with hidden interior pockets – fold up some cash and store it there,” he recommends, “Cut a hole in a waistband or in the cuff and slide some cash in there. Many female travelers recommend storing some cash in their bras. Travelers also have the option of trying out the men’s styled brief safe (which comes in clean and dirty options).”

Skip the hotel room safe.

Many travellers utilize the safes in their hotel rooms for safe keeping of their cash and other valuables. While this option can often work out, it’s not exactly a foolproof plan. As Damian notes, most hotel and cruise ship workers have well-known common codes that help travellers to open their safes when they forget their combinations.

Instead of the hotel room safe, he suggests you hide cash in such areas as inside the shower curtain rod; inside zippered cushions or inside an empty shampoo bottle with a little tissue paper on top. You may also want to tape some cash to the bottoms of drawers or heavy pieces of furniture inside your room.

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