How To Enjoy A Sweet Summer Staycation

The Taitam Technology Vacations team is heartbroken that this summer won’t be filled with wondrous international vacations for our illustrious members. There’s nothing we’d love more than to send you all on the trips of your dreams! Alas, the coronavirus pandemic rages on. So, we’re all called upon to continue practicing measures to stop the spread of this awful disease.

One of those measures, of course, is to stay at home. As a result, this summer will see more “staycations” than ever before. If our team can’t send you on a flight any time soon, the least we could do is help you to prepare the greatest staycation of your life!

Set up a sightseeing adventure of your own city.

We’re willing to bet that, no matter how long you’ve lived in your city of residence, you haven’t seen all of it. Consider your town your current travel destination and research some sights and sounds you’ve never taken in. Take your family on a little tour of locations you’re unfamiliar with. You’re likely to find many new reasons to love where you live. You may be surprised to find out how many Toronto residents have never travelled up the CN Tower!

“It’s easy to neglect the top attractions in your hometown when you’ve lived there for a while — you figure you’ll get around to them sometime, right?” poses WiserAdvisor contributor, Paula Pant on, “Well, now is that time! Pretend you’re a tourist in town for only a few days and visit all the great attractions in your own backyard.”

Create an at-home room service.

How exactly can you order room service if you’re not staying in a hotel? Designate each day to a new member of the family to be the room service provider! Make a little game out of it to see who can come up with the best meals. Get the kids involved (as long as they’re old enough to prepare food in the kitchen) and make it so that everyone is able to share in getting spoiled. Don’t forget to tip!

“One of the loveliest things about going on vacation to a hotel or resort is room service,” points out Faith Durand on, “As mediocre and expensive as it can be, I really can never get over the luxury of having someone bring me a tray of hot food with tiny ketchup bottles. If you’re taking staycation with a partner or roommate, swap days where you’ll serve the other room service.”

Visit a park for a picnic day.

It’s hard not to adore the warmth and sunshine, isn’t it? Even though COVID-19 protocol insists upon us to maintain distances from others, it can still be fun to bring the family out to the park for a picnic. As long as you can find an area that enables you to enjoy your own space, a picnic can be an incredibly enjoyable outdoor experience. Make your favourite lunches, pack a basket and head out to a local park for fun day of food, drinks and sunshine.

“Get a cute basket and a checkered blanket, pack up some scrumptious finger foods (cheeses, fruits, and don’t forget the wine) and find a lovely spot at your local park or waterfront,” urges Pant, “Bonus points for bringing along a book of poetry you can recite to each other to up the fancy factor.”

Have any other awesome staycation ideas? Please share them with us. Give Taitam Technology Vacations a call at 416-234-0202 today!

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