How To Become A Wise Winter Traveller

As we discussed just a couple of blogs ago, the winter blues is a very real thing. For many Canadians, the winter time is the ideal time to take a vacation. Swapping cold temperatures for much warmer ones is practically a Canadian pastime. But, even those who travel every winter aren’t experts on how to do it right. So, allow us to throw a few tips your way in order to help you become a wise winter traveller.

Check the weather in your destination city/country.

How often have you travelled during the winter and dressed inappropriately? Believe it or not, some winter travellers dress themselves as if they’re visiting a destination where the weather is the same as it is at home. Have you ever gotten on a plane during a cold winter day and worn your winter coat? Some people do the opposite. They hop on their flights wearing t-shirts and shorts, not realizing that where they’re going is experiencing chilly temperatures and rain.

“Check the weather at your connecting cities as well as at your departure and destination airports,” advises Ed Hewitt on, “You’ll want to know what the weather is like for the departure and arrival airports (particularly if we’re traveling on vacation), but for the same reasons stated above you’ll want to know what is going on at your connecting airport as well.”

Pack smart.

What exactly makes a smart packer? For one, it’s someone who doesn’t overdo it. Strongly consider your vacation plans. How often will you be on the beach versus out at a night club? Do you really need to pack that suit? Or will a few pairs of shorts and t-shirts suffice? On, frequent travellers, Lia and Jeremy note that the beauty of winter travel is that most of the time, people will only see your outer layer of clothing.

“So as long as you’ve got clothes that can withstand being worn over and over again, you really don’t actually need to bring very many items,” the couple writes. They add that their typical cold weather packing list includes only the following: two pairs of pants, two to three sweaters, two to three collared shirts, one to two t-shirts, one skirt, one or two scarves, one or two hats, two jackets, one pair of shoes and their toiletries.

Stay on top of possible delays.

Naturally, the wintertime is known for its inclement weather. Because of the possibilities of heavy snow and extreme cold, there is always a chance your flight may be delayed. Keep abreast of updates by regularly checking your airline’s flight schedule. As well, attempt to book a flight that will give you the greatest opportunity to stay on schedule. According to Hewitt, morning flights are best.

“Choose a morning flight,” he recommends, “For two reasons: First, you are far less likely to have your flight affected by problems at other airports. Second, if your flight is cancelled or badly delayed, your options for alternate flights are greatly increased, improving your odds for getting on a different flight by the end of the day.”

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