Have You Ever Been Whacked In The Head With A Coconut In Florida?

On behalf of the entire Taitam Technology Vacations team, we wish to express our best wishes to everyone. We’re all in this battle against the coronavirus together. And as we expressed in our last blog, we remain open for business in an effort to provide any necessary services that will assist our community during this unprecedented time.

We wish to remind you that, although this is no time to plan any travel, we join you in excitedly looking forward to assisting you with your travel plans when the time is right. In the meantime, we’re choosing to offer some positivity during a time in our lives when things seem so grim. In an effort to boost spirits, we would like to dedicate our blog posts to fun stories about vacation experiences you’ve had.

Would you be willing to share your story about your favourite vacation?

We’d like to do our best to bring everyone on a “mental vacation” from the COVID-19 crisis by sharing your real-life experiences with others. Tell us about your favourite trip! Fill us in on a particularly unique experience you had while on vacation. Let’s work together in reminding everyone that we’ve all had happy times…and many happy times await us in the future.

We’re grateful that we’ve already received one incredibly humorous story from an esteemed colleague of ours. In case you were wondering where we came up with our eyebrow-raising title for today’s blog, we have the wonderful Chantel Cascanette to thank for that. The Operations Manager of our friends over at MeloTel, Chantel has answered with a resounding “yes” to the question posted by this blog’s title!

Chantel had quite the trip to Florida as a youngster.

“When I was younger, we did this great family bonding trip to Florida,” she told us, “My Great Uncle would wake me up at the crack of dawn and we would go out and watch the sunrise while eating fresh fruit. It was real sweet. Well, one morning when we were snacking on our morning fruit we ran into this man with a small monkey. It was my first time ever seeing a monkey and was beyond excited about it.”

“At one point the monkey started to climb all over me like I was a jungle gym,” Chantel detailed, “Well, he positioned himself with one foot on each of my shoulders and raised this coconut and WHACKED it over my head. Oh my goodness, was I a bit stunned!!”

“As it turns out, that contact with my head and the coconut finally cracked open this coconut. His owner – through tears of laughter – told us the monkey had been whacking it off of all different types of surfaces for a few weeks now, and my head was just the right hard thing needed to open it. We all had a good laugh!”

We would like to thank Chantel for sharing her story.

We must admit we had a good laugh hearing this story ourselves! We could all use a good laugh right about now, couldn’t we? We hope, that with Chantel’s help, we’ve given you one today. And we’d like you to help us keep the good times rolling. Please don’t hesitate to send an email to blog@melotel.com with your awesome vacation story.

And, until we begin booking travel for you again, let’s all do our part to self-isolate and practice social distancing so we can send the coronavirus packing.

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