Finding Awesome Spots To Take The Kids On Vacation This Summer

We know that the summertime seems like it is way too far off in the distance to even begin thinking about. However, the savviest of vacation planners come up with their trip ideas well in advance. This is especially true for parents. The summer can be a trying time. Once the kids are out of school, there is a ton of things to consider. Will they go to summer camp? Is a babysitter necessary? And where can they be taken on vacation?

Have no fear, today’s blog is here…to help you with that last question. As you can imagine, there are countless vacation spots that are designed to keep your young ones thoroughly entertained. Let’s take a look a few choice ones, shall we?

Punta Cana.

Yes, we know. Recommending a trip to Dominican Republic isn’t exactly the most original of ideas. However, it’s important to note that the incredible Caribbean nation has a lot more to offer than all-inclusive hotel experiences for adults. As Lauren Smith McDonough informs on, Punta Cana is home to Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts.

“Kids will love the water park (complete with daily ‘mass sliming’ events), character interactions (SpongeBob! The Ninja Turtles!), and kids’ clubs at the Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana,” she contends, “You’ll love that it’s all inclusive — gourmet meals, drinks, and sports club, too — so you don’t have to waste family bonding time adding up the cost of every activity in your head.”

Miami Beach.

Miami Beach, really? Isn’t that supposed to be party central for adults who want nothing more than to party and get drunk? For many, Miami Beach is all about the night life. But don’t let its reputation fool you. Florida’s famed southern island is actually incredibly child-friendly. As Katie Jackson reports on, Miami Beach not only has amazing tropical beaches, but loads of must-see attractions for kids.

“Indoors, the Children’s Museum shares and island with Jungle Island,” she shares, “At the north end of the island, Ritz-Carlton Bal Harbor has the best kids’ beach club. At the south end, Hilton Bentley Miami/South Beach has direct beach access and sits between two public parks.”

San Diego.

So what’s in San Diego other than the Padres? According to McDonough, the Californian city, which sits on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, offers surf lessons, powerboat rides and hikes on miles of paved trails. They are all available at the Loews Coronado Bay.

She also notes that “the ‘Loews Loves Kids’ program makes sure that there’s plenty to do as a family, from kids’ cooking classes to poolside movies. Baby-proofing is also available for those traveling with infants!”

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