Looking Ahead Beyond COVID-19

From the Executive Team

Now that we have been a couple months into the COVID-19 pandemic, we trust and hope that like us you are beginning to see light at the end of this unprecedented tunnel. While the human and economic cost continues to grow, (with members of our internal team experiencing the worst impact of the virus) we are yet very hopeful and optimistic that we will be in a position son, to begin writing the next chapter of our collective human story, returning to some degree of normalcy to our lives. In this spirit of cautious optimism, we are writing to share an update on TAITAMs’ status, priorities, and outlook for the future.

Taitam Anytime, Boomerang and Titanium Members,

Let us start by letting you know that the team at TAITAM Technology Vacations is very much at work. We are in the process of retooling much of the way we reach and interact with our members both on and offline with a focus on plans to critically improve how to serve you even better when we move beyond this crisis.

Travel has sustained a direct frontal hit by COVID-19, impacting our industry as severely or in many cases much worse than any other area of the economy. However it’s quite encouraging to see strong feedback from members who are looking ahead and expressing the desire to again begin taking trips; Albeit exploring travel and getaways closer to home, across the province and Canada, exploring more creative ways to spend meaningful quality time with friends and family once this is over.

Like you, we have to be realistic in our outlook about the short-term. We understand and appreciate that travel and vacations will resume in waves across domestic and international locations, as restrictions are eased in different places at different times. That much is clear. And of course, everyone will need to make their own personal decisions about when and how they want to travel again. If you haven’t already started looking ahead, we hope that TAITAM’s commitment to the highest standards of service and convenience, and bringing you the Vacation Lifestyle on the best terms, will give you the confidence to reboot your Vacation Lifestyle on whatever time frame feels appropriate for you and those you love.

Many of you run businesses and are intimately involved in other companies and organizations. Inevitably, some things become very clear during challenging times like these: You simply have to focus on what you can control, make the best decisions possible, and have faith that your team will rise to meet the challenge. That is exactly the case here at TAITAM, and as a result we feel positive about where we are, and our continued ability to be your Vacation Lifestyle partner for many years to come.

Thank you for being so supportive of us as we work tirelessly behind the scenes to prepare to be an even better TAITAM for you. We will continue to provide updates as we see the need. Until then, please continue to remain healthy, safe and make this time count as you spend more of it with your families.

The Executive Team
TAITAM Technology Vacations

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