The Vacation Lifestyle Is Calling You

With far-reaching destinations and wide-ranging experiences to satisfy the vacation appetite of every imagination Taitam is here to help you fully embrace and take advantage of, the vacation lifestyle.

The Choicest Resort Destinations

Unwind, stop the clock, take a deep breath and escape into an unforgettable moment in time at any of thousands of partner resorts, designed to enrich your lives with total satisfaction, rejuvenation and reconnection.

The Choicest Resort Destinations

Taitam give you access to breath-taking collections of vacation experiences, so you can have the most personalized vacation life, and truly unleash your imagination, exploration and discovery, from cruises to safaris to private luxury vacation homes and more.

The Choicest Resort Destinations

Taitam Vacation Advisors are there to help you get the most out of your vacation membership, maximizing your vacation for you and your family for the rest of your lives.


With a Taitam vacation membership you have access to one of the most appealing vacation programs available. As a Member, you are connected with an extensive collection of resorts, properties and exciting experiences including ocean and river cruises, adventure travel, ecotourism and special guided and historical tours. And yet, there’s more to discover.

As you and your family’s preferences change over time, what you want in a vacation will change as well.

Your Taitam membership however won’t change. We will be ready, willing and available to take you by the hand and help you write your next chapter of unforgettable vacation experience.

Over 6,000 World-Class Resorts

Enjoy the best of all worlds with at outstanding resorts throughout Mexico, the US, the Caribbean, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia.

More than 20,000 Hotels

Enjoy the world-class standard of excellence from the most trusted hotel brands around the globe.

Distinctive Vacation Experiences

Take advantage of guided tours, cruises, safaris, hiking and other adventure travel experiences, private luxury vacation homes and much more.

Brands You Know & Trust


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