3 Top Reasons Why You Should Take A Trip To Spain

Last August, one of our close colleagues, Daniel fulfilled a bucket list ambition and finally visited the place of his father’s birth. To honour his Dad’s memory, he travelled with his mother and young daughter to La Coruña, España (Spain to us Canadians) which is located in the Iberian Peninsula directly north of Portugal.

Part of the community of Galicia, which inhabits Spaniards who share their very own unique customs, language and traditions as Galicians, La Coruña also incorporates Miño, a small, but beautiful Oceanside community. Daniel and his family spent much of their trip staying with cousins in their seaside summer home.

“It was the trip of a lifetime,” revealed Daniel, “Between the food, the fiestas and the beaches, I completely understand why my Dad left Canada to visit his homeland every year. It was an absolutely amazing trip that I’ll never forget.”

Here are three top reasons why you should take a trip to Spain:

1. The unbelievable eats.

“I kid you not, I gained about 20 pounds on my trip to Spain,” confessed Daniel, “My father always told me that Galicia had the best seafood in the world. I thought he was embellishing. But, he wasn’t joking around. I got stuffed on Pimentos Padrón (spicy peppers fried in garlic), paella (a popular rice dish usually filled with seafood), tortilla (Spanish omelette comprised of eggs and potatoes) and pulpo (octopus). My cousin-in-law is one of the best cooks in the world!”

“For many people, one of the highlights of Spain is, of course, the amazing food on offer,” agrees Ireland’s Travel Department, “The country’s vibrant cities offer up Michelin-starred restaurants and lively tapas bars, while small-town cafés and restaurants offer up traditional dishes such as paella, seafood stew and chorizo, made with love from family-recipes.”

2. The fun-filled fiestas.

“My cousins took me to an all-night party in the town of Betanzos,” reported Daniel, “The town is apparently known for its wild fiestas. On this particular occasion, they were celebrating an annual tradition where they launch an all-paper hot air balloon. Thousands of people were crammed into the town’s central square to witness the launch and then party until the sun came up. It was an unforgettable night.”

On TheCultureTrip.com, Jessica Jones attests to the fact that Spain is home to some of the world’s greatest parties. “Spain has some of the world’s most famous – and wacky – festivals and fiestas, from the San Fermín running of the bulls in Pamplona and La Tomatina tomato throwing festival in Buñol, to La Rioja’s annual wine drenching festival,” she reports.

3. The beautiful beaches.

“My cousins’ house in Miño is right on the beach,” recalls Daniel, “I can’t tell you how amazing it was to wake up every day to the sight of a beautiful ocean. Being on the beach and making ‘sand cookies’ with my daughter was one of my favourite things to do.”

As Travel Department informs us, Spain has over 5,000 miles of coastline and thousands of beaches, “From undiscovered, hidden alcoves to popular tourist resorts, there’s a beach for everyone and with over 300 days of sunshine each year you’re guaranteed the weather to enjoy them!” says their site, “This beautiful country also has the most blue flag beaches in the world so now you’ve no excuse!”

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