3 Tips For Planning An Unforgettable Family Vacation

With the springtime about to begin, many Canadians are already starting to think about their summer plans. It’s not uncommon, of course, for family vacations to be planned for the summertime. With the kids out of school, it’s important to find fun things for them to do. And what’s more fun that taking a trip with the whole family?

If that question sounded like a joke, we apologize. We understand that not all family vacations are considered fun by each member of your bunch. That’s why it’s so important to find family trip ideas that everyone can enjoy!

Here are three tips for planning an unforgettable family vacation:

1. Talk out destination ideas with the family first.

If your kids are in their adolescent years, they’re no longer young enough to simply go with the flow without having their say. Sit down with your family and have a discussion about the various places everyone would like to visit. At the very least, be sure to look into locations that have things to do for people of all ages. On TravelAndLeisure.com, Stacey Leasca stresses the importance of choosing a destination that’s convenient for everyone.

“Picking a destination for your family getaway may be the hardest part of the planning process,” she admits, “Some people will likely want sun, while others want snow, and a few others may want something in between. The easiest solution is to pick somewhere in the middle of all your wants and also all your physical locations.”

2. Find accommodations that are very accommodating.

Do the kids like swimming? Will you want to cook some of your meals instead of eating out all the time? Are the beds big enough to comfortably meet the needs of each family member? Booking the right accommodations will make a huge difference in whether or not your family truly enjoys their vacation. If a pool, a kitchen and king-sized beds are mandatory, don’t settle for less!

“Stay someplace with a kitchen or a fridge, or somewhere that offers a free breakfast,” suggests Alamo.com, “You don’t want to waste time and money having breakfast in a restaurant every day of your vacation.”

3. Plan activities that cater to the likes and needs of each family member.

Are you a big-time sports buff who would like nothing more than to visit the Staples Center during your trip to Los Angeles? While everyone in your clan may appreciate you wanting to pay your respects at the Kobe Bryant memorial or experience a Lakers game at the famed arena, they may not want to join you on your journey. Consider options that each family member can enjoy.

“Our family trip had quite the spread when it came to interests and ages,” recalls Leasca, “The youngest in our gang is just shy of 2 years old while the oldest celebrated his 63rd birthday on the trip. That meant having to plan plenty of varied activities that everyone would be happy with. This is a crucial step to take in planning a well-orchestrated family getaway.”

Are you ready to book your family vacation?

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