3 Tips For How To Plan A Successful Vacation When The Time Comes

If you’re like most Canadians right now, you’re likely yearning for the return of days when planning vacations is the norm. Naturally, with the coronavirus pandemic keeping people from travelling the world, the most we can do, at the moment, is reminisce about past trips and daydream about our future vacations.

It’s not such a bad thing to do as we all need to find ways to pass the time while remaining self-isolated. In fact, planning ahead is one of the most important things you can do in order to pull off a successful vacation.

Here are three tips for how to plan a successful vacation when the time comes:

1. Make your plans well in advance.

We’ve all seen television shows and movies that depict characters making spur-of-the-moment decisions to take flights. They grab whatever they can get their hands on from their closets, stuff their suitcases and are out their doors within minutes. In the real world, great vacations take a little bit more planning. As Christine Sarkis of SmarterTravel.com notes, when you plan ahead, you get a double benefit: better prices and more availability.

“According to Monograms’ Road to Happiness Study, 90 percent of the happiest vacationers planned more than a month in advance, leaving plenty of time to savour the delicious pre-vacation anticipation,” she reveals.

2. Visit destinations where friends and family live.

It never hurts to have familiar faces nearby. When planning your next vacation, consider a location where someone you love can be visited. It doesn’t mean you have to spend your entire vacation with that person. But having a loved one who is native to your destination city or country will offer you opportunities to see it in ways most tourists cannot.

“Sometimes the best vacation destinations are where your friends and family are,” says I Will Teach You To Be Rich author, Ramit Sethi author on his website, “Not only can they help you save money on accommodations but they can also fill you in on things to do there.”

3. Be sure to set aside time to actually relax.

Ironically, while many vacationers say they want to “relax” while on vacation, they end up squeezing in so many activities on their itineraries that they do pretty much no relaxing at all! It’s okay to rest and unwind, especially if you’re on a beach resort. Travellers should enjoy some time to relieve themselves from the stresses of everyday life.

“Vacation happiness comes from taking it slow enough to really be present, not zooming ahead to the next sight, activity, or meal,” Sarkis writes, “In fact, a whopping 88 percent of travelers reported that their happiest vacations were mostly stress-free. And a happy vacation has lingering benefits as well: 93 percent of respondents said that their happiest vacations boosted their energy at work after their return.”

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