3 Reasons To Put A Visit To Banff National Park On Your Bucket List

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In our last blog, we detailed a few of the top reasons that Banff, Alberta is a must-visit destination. It’s an incredibly majestic town that provides scenery and experiences like no other place in Canada – maybe even the world! In our blog, we highlighted the Banff Upper Hot Springs, the Banff Gondola and Banff National Park as places and ventures that are undeniably awesome.

In this week’s blog, we’ll focus on perhaps the most popular of all Banff experiences. Here are three reasons to put a visit to Banff National Park on your bucket list:

1. Moraine Lake.

Lake Louise is commonly heralded as the most popular lake in Banff. However, Moraine Lake is often championed as the prettiest. At least, this is what self-professed travel addict, Sophie insists on TheWanderfulMe.com. The Minnesota native notes that Moraine Lake is usually less crowded than its supposedly more famous counterpart. Apparently, people are missing out because it’s absolutely breathtaking!

Sophie lists the blue water and the magnificent mountains among the reasons a trip to Moraine Lake will have your jaw dropping. “This was absolutely, positively, 100% my favourite part of my trip,” she declares, “I would recommend getting here as early as possible. I’ve heard the sunrise here (on a nice day) is pretty phenomenal.”

2. The mountains.

It should come as no surprise that the mountainous city of Banff offers you plenty of opportunities to take in some awe-inspiring sites. As self-described globetrotting teacher, Jackie explains on TheGlobetrottingTeacher.com, Banff National Park is a mountain lover’s dream come true.

“Cascade Mountain is the peak seen as you stroll along Banff Avenue in the Banff town centre,” she details, “Mount Rundle sits behind the Vermillion Lakes and completes the perfect sunrise photo over the water. And at sunset, brushstrokes of colors paint the sky with the mountain as its backdrop.”

3. The wildlife.

The animal lover in you will absolutely insist upon visiting Banff National Park. Doing so will help you to realize exactly why a beaver graces the Canadian nickel and a caribou adorns the quarter. In addition to said animals that call the park home are bears, goats, beavers, moose, sheep, deer, porcupines, chipmunks and wolves. On her trip to the park, Sophie found the elk particularly fascinating.

“There were literally like 100 elk standing on the course greens,” she recalls, “It was ah-mazing. They weren’t even afraid! One female elk got so close me I could like see the puff of her breath in the cold. I spent a good couple hours driving around the course admiring the elk and listening to the bulls bugling. It was pretty…magical to say the least.”

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