3 Eh-Plus Reasons To Travel Within Canada

Not every soon-to-be vacationer is entirely fond of travelling to distant destinations. For many travellers, being around familiar surroundings is a lot more comfortable. But how can one travel and be around familiar surroundings at the same time? For Canadians, the answer is easy!

As the second largest land mass on planet Earth, the country of Canada offers its citizens a wide array of opportunities to explore and learn more about their homeland. With so much space in the Great White North, it’s very easy to experience a completely different culture without leaving the country. If you’re considering an upcoming trip, why not give a shot to a part of Canada you’ve never seen, eh?

Here are three eh-plus reasons to travel within Canada:

1. The glorious Canadian Rockies on the West Coast.

To be frank about it, east coast Canadians are missing out on one of the most breathtaking sites in the world by not visiting the west coast. The Rocky Mountains are awe-inspiring sights to behold. As Robin Esrock points out on CanadianBucketList.com, few mountains can compare to the sheer scale of the Rockies. However, he notes that the Canadian Rockies aren’t the only amazing aspects of Canada’s nature.

“What about our glaciers, endless boreal forest, dramatic coastlines, prairie flats, the Northern Lights, sweeping taiga, cherry blossoms, fall foliage, and the world’s largest collection of sparkling freshwater lakes?” Esrock asks, “Our wildlife is rich, and diverse…Through Parks Canada, the world’s first parks service, Canada is a pioneer in protecting and managing public spaces for all to enjoy. Best of all, our natural bounty can be appreciated in all four seasons. ” 

2. The incomparable eats on the East Coast.

Remember Daniel from our “3 Top Reasons Why You Should Take A Trip To Spain” blog? He once remarked that, before visiting Spain, he had never eaten better than when he visited Saint John, New Brunswick. “My hosts had as many lobsters in their freezer as I do ice cubes,” he recalled, “As a seafood lover, I was in heaven at every meal!” Esrock reminds us, however, that you don’t only have to visit the Maritimes to enjoy incredible eats.

“Pacific or Atlantic salmon are not our delicacies, they’re part of our staple diet,” he explains, “This is a country blessed with delicious natural resources…Our urban centres offer world class restaurants, while areas like Ontario’s Niagara, BC’s Okanagan and Nova Scotia Annapolis Valley are revered for their high quality fruit, wine and produce…. In Quebec, smoked meat, cheese, bagels, maple syrup and poutine are world famous”.

3. The incredible festivals from coast to coast.

There is never a shortage of events, festivals, concerts and celebrations in Canada. If you live in the City of Toronto, you’re very well aware of the fun you can experience at the CNE each August, the wonderment of the Toronto International Film Festival each September or the Santa Claus Parade each November. But isn’t it about time you enjoy experiences of different varieties across the country?

“Canadians know how to put on a party,” reports Jane McLean on TripSavvy.com. Included among the popular Canadian events she recommends are The Celebration of Light, which takes place at the end of August each year in Vancouver. It’s known as the largest fireworks competition in the world. The Calgary Stampede occurs every July while the Edmonton Folk Music Festival goes down in early August.

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